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Lardner Park 2016

Alas, all my wonderful and supportive readers, this year I won't have a stand at the Lardner Park Farm Field days. This is something I am very sad about as I love catching up with you all and hearing all the news! But there's a darn good reason as the hugely exciting update is I'm very busily writing a new novel! LAKE HILL should be published by the wonderful Random House just in time for Christmas! So, if you enjoy my books, and love a novel to read over the holidays, you've already got something to put on your 2016 Christmas list!

2015 Christmas Book Suggestions & Ice Cream Cake Recipe!

Amid 40 degree heat (with NO air conditioning I might add) we partied our way through the first family Christmas celebration yesterday. It was so much fun, with lots of laughter and jokes being shared around the Christmas tree and dinner tables.

That was AFTER they’d all managed to slog their way down the drive and negotiate the electrified bungy cord gateway keeping the cattle from entering the house yard. My brother-in-law from Brisbane (all 6’2” of him) was the only one who rang me from 100 metres away. ‘Ummm … this gateway? How do I open it?’

Romancing the Snowy 31st October to 1st November 2015

While Margareta's been off mustering the good people at Romancing the Snowy have been working hard at putting together a great Writers Festival program for the weekend of the 31st October to the 1st November. You can find out all about the event at Make sure you sign up for the newsletter to keep in touch, and get your registrations in.

More from the Pilbara

Hi everyone, Margareta's still in the Pilbara, so another update from behind the scenes. One of the biggest disappointments for Margareta was that she was up there when the Romance Writers Conference was in Melbourne (everyone had a blast from the sounds of it), but as sad as she was, she managed to find some friends to make her feel a bit better about it.

And we're off to the Pilbara!

Life is frantic up on the hill at the moment. H is welding up cattle yards on another block, I'm trying to organise our home lives which got a tad scrambled while I was doing pre-book tour stuff, mid-book tour stuff and post-book tour stuff, and keeping up with the permanent job - kid taxi duty. And when I'm not involved there, I'm getting farm books up to date, going through cooking books and ... packing.

Yep. You heard right. Packing.