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Merry Christmas & a good book for the holiday season!

Merry Christmas to You

Merry Christmas to You

Merry Christmas to the wonderful person who holds your part of the world to-gether. (Yep ... I mean YOU!)

Me-rry Christmas to Youuuuuu!

(And hopefully you can't hear me singing this, because I might be able to write books, but you've got to look for my sister to find the the one in the family who can hold a tune!)

Chocolate ... hand me the chocolate, wine and a good book

Just when you think life has a semblance of normality, and WHAM! you get to the counter of the local Roadhouse, after hearing of the latest lockdown here in Victoria, and there sitting on the counter are ... chocolate freckles. Oh My Lord. It was like visiting the Tinamba General Store, on a Saturday morning with my Dad when I was a kid, where if I was lucky, Mrs Gray would count out 20c worth of lollies, in a little white paper bag. And if I was really lucky, in the bag would be at least two chocolate freckles.

My Summer/Christmas Book Suggestions ...

A few weeks ago we had a painter arrive to 'freshen up' some of our homestead's tired and cranky paintwork. Doors, trims, walls, some ceilings; they were all given a new lease on life by our very efficient and excellent painter, Ben. To say I'm delighted with the outcome would be a massive understatement. I now walk into the rooms lucky enough to get a revamp and literally 'inhale the newness' of them all.

Drought and Fires - Summer in Australia

Drought and fires … welcome to a new decade and summer in Australia. Our hearts go out to all who have been affected in anyway by these wretched bushfires - burnt out, burnt over, evacuated or even on a Watch and Act. It’s had us all on high alert and continues to plague the media, our minds and our hearts.  For some, it will be years of recovery, for others, not so long but still distressing. We’ve had family and friends in the centre of these dreadful blazes and our love and compassion is with them all.

Fabulous Fifty

Believe me when I say I have actually been writing to you all. Blissfully tapping away at blog posts over the last couple of weeks … but you haven’t seen them. The computer gobbled up two, I forgot to add the blog attachment to an email sent to my Web manager as I left for overseas (you’ll understand why shortly) and then, well, a beloved relative passed away and that post was too morbid to see the light of day.

The Boronia is Still Alive!

From the chatty and lovely feedback I received on last weeks blog, ‘Boronia Blues’, it sounds like those who are like me and struggle growing Boronia are also challenged by Daphne! And, whats more, a lot of us are trying to grow either or both because they remind us of our mums and grandmothers. Isn’t that just the most beautiful thing?

Boronia Blues

You’re walking through the local nursery, or at the very least Bunnings. You’re in a mad flat out rush, pounding across the concrete, tail up, punnet of tomato’s or petunias in hand, because today is the day you simply just MUST plant them or else the whole world’s going to fall apart (I have no idea why) and you need to get back to pick up the kids from whatever sport they’re doing in five minutes ...