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The Billy's Boiling with Fiona Palmer

What better excuse for a smoko break than a visit from one of your mates. And what is better during smoko than sharing a few of our favourite things (and I'm not just talking about the cakes here!).

Imagine, if you will, we're on our farm at Tinamba in Gippsland, Victoria. It's pretty comfortable and welcoming here in my kitchen (even if I say so myself smiley). There's an old and battered Baltic pine table (previously the floor of an old woolshed in NSW), hardwood ladderback chairs, and some gorgeous, old fashioned china mugs sitting ready for our cuppa.

And, of course, ‘the billy’s boiling’…

[swf file="billyboiling.mp4"]


I'm Home

I’m home. The whirlwind touring to promote my debut novel, Bella’s Run … has finally come to a halt. I got to meet some absolutely lovely people, visited some beautiful places, met new friends and caught up with old ones. We sincerely had a ball even when driving through flood water in Southern NSW.



I know we shouldn’t have but where else were we to go .. the book tour must go on!


On the Road in Southern NSW

Our first night on the road to Southern NSW was spent beside the stunning Lake Eucumbene in the Snowy Mountains. We found ourselves wishing for a ski boat behind the 4x4 as well as the caravan, as we gazed out over the glassy water of the lake early on Tuesday morning. But there was no time to dally and we hit the Snowy Mountains Highway bound for Tumut. The mobile phone came into service just as we were walking out to a mountain side lookout. It startled us all as a reporter from a Wagga Wagga newspaper set the phone a-ringing. Thank goodness it wasn't a Skype call as me red-faced from hiking isn't a good look.