Margareta's gone a'mustering

Hi everyone, Margareta's Webmistress here - leaping in to let you know what's going on in her world wink

Some of you will know that Margareta and family have headed off to the Pilbara for a few months working on a station cattle muster (which is such a great opportunity for a bit of book research / thinking as well!). Now we had hoped that she'd be doing some blogging from up there but pressure of the workload combined with the dodgy Internet that many of we bush dwellers deal with ... and her access is a bit too erratic. So by text, Facebook messages and a bit of shouting to be heard over dodgy telephone lines we've worked out an alternative, and I'll send out some newsletters for her to let everyone know what's happening.

Aren't these colours just amazing?

You kind of know she's in a different part of the world when you look at weather forecasts from there.

Weather Forecast

While we're all wrapped up in scarves, beanies, and four pairs of socks, up there even the dogs are looking for shade.

Shading the Dogs

But apart from a lot of muted gloating about the weather, there has been a lot of hard work going on. Somewhere in the crew below, heading out for the first mustering run, are H, The Princess and the Farm Boy. 

First Mustering Crew on its way out


Heading out first day must have been so exciting.
The Princess and The Farm Boy out on
a muster one day when by bike and
horse was the only way they could
do it because of the rain
that's fallen recently

Helping out with the Camp Cooking is not the only thing that Margareta's been doing though:

On Horse Back (with earrings of course!)
On Bike in this case (still with earrings!)


But, of course, there is always the cooking to be done - and there's lots of it with mustering crews this size

Weekender biscuits and jelly slice, plus cakes
- all cooked in grabbed moments out of the cattle yards
Date and Walnut Loaf
First time every with this recipe - nervous moments

I borrowed the photo below from Attica Grey's page just to show what you churn out when you're cooking for 15 and the mustering camp.

"Braise, spaghetti sauce, osso bucco, stroganoff, 3 x biscuits (doubled recipes) coffee cake, chocolate cake, chocolate slice, jam slice, scones for smoko, pizza for lunch, lasagna & homemade garlic bread for dinner, golden syrup dumplings for sweets...joys of cooking for 15 & the mustering camp at the same time."


It's hard work out there but they're all having the most amazing time of it and seeing the most amazing sights

The driveway into the Station
Day Off Exploring - found these butterflies!

But back to the work work...

Cattle in Yards
And yet more yards
Research is happening.
These blokes were good enough to answer
1000s of questions whilst changing a diff


Don't forget if you're on Facebook you can follow Margareta at - she's posting photos and little notes regularly, but I will accumulate more updates from her and send you out other newsletters as she goes.

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