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Hi everyone, Margareta's still in the Pilbara, so another update from behind the scenes. One of the biggest disappointments for Margareta was that she was up there when the Romance Writers Conference was in Melbourne (everyone had a blast from the sounds of it), but as sad as she was, she managed to find some friends to make her feel a bit better about it.

It's okay Margareta - we'll give you a hug!

These kelpies are the most amazing dogs - working dogs, companions and clowns






Although, knowing The Princess and Margareta I doubt much work is going on whilst these two are awake and available for cuddles:

But the mustering crews are still setting out regularly, and the daily, dusty work continues


The number of cattle being moved is astounding
And the place they are doing it in really gloriously beautiful
And it can be a bit risky - there are some big, bolshy bulls in that mix
And there is always the cooking.
This might look like a mess, but it's called 'cooking up a storm' (& if you believe that ... :) ) in time to feed us all as cattle come in for processing after two musters. Bread, Orange cake, Jelly slice, Tea Cake, veggies for tonight and ribs for tea. (Ribs? Where are you, ribs???!)


There are also some surprises and a 4 hour drive away, on an open plain, in the middle of a neighbouring cattle station, a Native Title determination sitting of the Australian Federal Court (note picture 4 and those earrings still holding in despite the dust and the kelpie wrestling - pleased to see you're keeping up standards Margareta :) )






The Princess and the Farm boy are having an amazing time

The Princess is in heaven because for all her hard work mustering, she's now the proud owner of a new pink bling cowgirl belt. Ya HOO!


Spot that green John Deere hat... It's the Farm Boy who, today, conquered his very
real fear of heights and went in the mustering helicopter! So, so very proud of him.


The landscape out there is just so beautiful - the wildflowers are out and a sight to behold.


As are poor Margareta's hands - that red ingrained dirt is going to take a bit of getting out 


Thanks to all Margareta's wonderful subscribers and friends for your patience in waiting for these sporadic updates - we hope they are giving you a bit of a taste of the wonderful adventure the family are on.

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