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The Billy's Boiling with Kate Belle

Welcome to the 'Billy's Boiling'.

On my blog we’re having are having a metaphorical cuppa and cake on our farm at Tinamba in Gippsland, Victoria. Imagine, if you will, we're in my kitchen, which is pretty comfortable and welcoming (even if I say so myself smiley). The fire is blazing today (it's cold and woolly outside) making the room nice and cosy. There's a bunch of roses in a vase  (especially put there for my visitor) on my old and battered Baltic pine table (previously the floor of an old woolshed in NSW). Comfy ladderback chairs invite you to take a seat and there are some gorgeous, old fashioned china mugs just waiting for our cuppa .

And, of course, ‘the billy’s boiling’…

[swf file="billyboiling.mp4"]