What's Going On

16 Apr 2015
Bucket Lists ... working cattle and dogs at the Glen.
15 Apr 2015
Writing LAKE HILL. It's like rum balls not fudge fingers ...
31 Mar 2015
Farmworld Winners and a chance to win a Rose River Special Pack for TWO!
24 Mar 2015
It's that time of year again with Farmworld at Lardner Park, Victoria's largest regional agricultural event (Thursday March 26 - Sunday March 29, 2015!)
13 Mar 2015
Well, actually it was 6 days and 15 hours and 40 mins ...
6 Mar 2015
Random House Blog: There are so many terrific reasons to curl up in bed with a book - like romance, adventure, intrigue, excitement and passion. These five books are full of wonderful reasons to turn on the night light, plump up the pillows and settle in for some page-turning tales.
23 Feb 2015
It's here! ROSE RIVER is on the shelf ...
20 Feb 2015
And the winner of one of the first copies of my new book, ROSE RIVER is ...
18 Feb 2015
My new website & a personally inscribed copy of ROSE RIVER!
23 Jan 2015
.99c deals for your reading Australia Day - THE COWBOY special deal
15 Jan 2015
New book - THE COWBOY and let's chat with Loretta Hill about her new novel, The Maxwell Sisters.
6 Jan 2015
I'm thrilled to bits that Mountain Ash is a finalist in the 2014 ARR Awards.
3 Dec 2014
Christmas Reading.... errr shopping ideas from me to you
27 Nov 2014
Rose River Cover
16 Sep 2014
Running away and what to pack before I go ...
5 Sep 2014
Rose River Update, Book Week tremors, potato gems and more
3 Sep 2014
Some great books for Father's Day ...
1 Sep 2014
New book - ROSE RIVER, and up on the farm
25 Aug 2014
Sunday afternoon usually sees us with visitors coming down the drive. Our property is locally classified as being ‘way out there’ which in terms of the rest of Australia really isn’t very far ‘way out there’...
14 Aug 2014
A while ago, a cry went up on Facebook in a number of places for some ideas for children’s lunch box/smoko recipes. I thought I’d share this one with you. It’s a fantastic slice which can be adapted to suit the contents of your pantry and a myriad of tastes.