We Have a Winner & Book Week


There was great excitement here on the Hill on Friday night! I finally heard back from my publisher to say she, LOVES my new book ROSE RIVER!!! The comments went like this, 'I love it! It's like Bridget Jones in the Bush! It's funny, charming and still maintains that obvious love for the country and country characters.'

WHOO HOO! I'm a happy, happy girl!


This week I started a new novella which will be released in January by US Publisher Tule. I'm really excited about this project as it will be my first foray into the US. Aussie readers will be able to buy it too, so stay tuned for more information!


Last week was that time of year which sometimes makes even the most creative mum squirm. Book Week. Two words, two syllables, enough to incite fear into every home (well, other than the word 'move' but that's another story entirely). You'd think being an author I'd get all excited, that my creative "genius" (Ha!) muse would go into overdrive. It doesn't. I put my head in my hands and wail, 'Why me?! Surely we're past all that now?' The children assure me we aren't finished until after Grade 6, which gives me another two years of 'what are we going to dress-up as, mum?' angst. Sheesh.

Thankfully this year The Farm Boy wanted to go as just that. A farmer with his working dog from the book he is currently reading WORKING DOG STORIES by Angela Goode and Mike Hayes. The lad pressure washed his old pedal John Deere tractor, removed the home made forks, clamped on the home-made bull bar, stuck his border collie puppet on the exhaust pipe, pulled on his ordinary farm clothes, slapped on his matching JD cap and he was set to go. Tick.
The Princess on the other hand, dithered between Dorothy from Oz (last years costume) and Milly from my book MOUNTAIN ASH. As we had a big MOVE (that other word which, if mentioned, is enough to have me cowering under the table) earlier in the year, the Dorothy costume could not be found anywhere in a shed still piled high with boxes and bags. Sigh. Milly it was. A flying trip to town unearthed an irridescent frog to take on the role of Ribbit (Milly's amphibious pet), which we sewed to an old shirt. A soft dog toy called Spot played Milly's dog 'Floss'. The lass donned her farm clothes, hauled on her new Ariat boots (anything to get them an outing smiley slapped on her Akubra and we were set to go. Tick

Two words. Two ticks. And only two years to go ... YAY!


I managed to fall flat on my face and do a little bit of damage to my knee. Fortunately I was able to drive home although H and the eldest lad had to help me out of the LandCruiser and inside. Then they proceeded to slap a bag of Potato Gems on my poor, swollen leg saying, 'Well, Mum/Hon at least you won't go hungry.'

And thankfully I can still type.


I also had a flying trip to Mansfield for a book talk at the local library with three of my writing buddies, Kate Belle, Jennifer Scoullar and Kathryn Ledson. Librarian Justine and her wonderful helpers made us feel so welcome!


The chickens have arrived! We are the proud step-parents of 4 little yellow fluff balls! The kids are SO excited. Mother chook, not so much. She's still trying to work out why the other 6 eggs weren't going to hatch. Unfortunately they were infertile so they have now been taken away

(siteadmin / chook breeder - referred to in these parts as bomb disposal duty ... handle with care!) ... but at least we have four cheeping little chicks!


(siteadmin / chook breeder - utterly gorgeous Margareta - can't wait to see what they look like when they grow up!)


We spent the day with as much of my family that could make it (football grand finals notwithstanding - which, by the way, they WON! Go Will Osborn & mates!) at the family beach house. It was great fun and meant some time dangling some body parts in the freezing cold water. Me? My little finger. My daughter? Her whole self. Brrrrrr ...



The new Jack Reacher novel, PERSONAL, finally hit its straps about a third of the way in and I really enjoyed the rest of the book. I have now handed it onto H, who will read it once he's finished reading the manuscript of ROSE RIVER! (He's such a good husband wink)

After dithering over which to read next, EVERGREEN FALLS by Kimberley Freeman or BIG LITTLE LIES by Liane Moriarty (I forgot I had that one!) I went with Liane's first. The reason? I met Liane's sister, Nicola Moriarty, also an author with Random House, in Sydney recently and we were discussing this book which Nicole Kidman has optioned for a movie. I had to read it.

And speaking of books to read, are you the winner of Kylie Ladd's new novel MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS?

I'd like to congratulate LAUREN McPHEE. Contact me ~here~ and I'll send your book out to you!


Until next time,

I'd just like to say Happy Father's Day to my Dad, because without him, I couldn't say this ...

Margareta x

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