Loretta Hill

Welcome to 2015


Hi and welcome to 2015! I hope you all had a very happy Christmas with lots of fun and good-cheer (plus the odd present or two ... or three ... ). For those with kids, I trust you haven't gone completely bonkers and are surviving the Christmas holidays? From my angle, it's about 80% 'Yippee no more lunches, washing uniforms and running kids around" and 20% - "Seriously, how many more days to go?!"

On the writing front there's lot's of exciting things kicking this year off! Let me tell you a few ...

The Billy's Boiling with Loretta Hill

Hi and thank you for agreeing to come to morning tea or ‘smoko’ with me! It’s really very kind of you to consider joining in, as I’m hoping that this is another method by which we can get all our readers to know more about all our authors!

On my blog we’re having are having a metaphorical cuppa and cake on our farm at Tinamba in Gippsland, Victoria. Imagine, if you will, we're in my kitchen, which is pretty comfortable and welcoming (even if I say so myself wink). It’s got an old and battered Baltic pine table (previously the floor of an old woolshed in NSW), hardwood ladderback chairs, there are some gorgeous, old fashioned china mugs sitting ready for our cuppa .

And, of course, ‘the billy’s boiling’…

Away we go ...

[swf file="billyboiling.mp4"]